Doorstep glass collection - coming soon...

Winchester City Council agrees doorstep glass recycling

Bored with taking bottles to the recycling bank?   The Conservative-led City Council have just confirmed they are to introduce doorstep glass collections throughout the district, starting this autumn.

Conservative Councillor Jan Warwick, Portfolio Holder for the Environment, said “Increasing recycling levels are a vital part of the drive to improve our environment and to safeguard our wonderful open spaces. We’ve been listening to local residents and we know that by collecting glass regularly from every home in the district we will be ensuring less rubbish is sent to local landfill.  Recycling glass is one of the many ways we can help reduce energy consumption and air pollution nationwide.”

Increasing the level of recycling is part of Winchester City Council’s commitment to a greener and healthier district.

Glass recycling helps the environment.  The amount of energy needed to melt recycled glass is considerably less than that needed to make new bottles and jars from raw materials.  Recycling two glass bottles or jars uses the same amount of energy it would take to boil water for five cups of tea!